Golf at Meadows Farms is an unforgettable experience, which is exactly what owner Bill “Farmer” Meadows wanted when he built this 27-hole facility about a half hour from Fredericksburg and a short drive south of the nation’s capital. He didn’t hire a big-name architect, but he did have a vision for holes you’ll never forget. Read this first!

The Longest Hole in the United States

Golfers are obsessed with how far they can drive their clubs, so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of interest in the longest holes in the United States and around the world. These holes are designed to challenge even the most experienced players.

The Longest Hole in the United States is located at Meadows Farms Golf Course in Locust Grove VA. This course is full of gimmicks, including one hole that’s set on a baseball diamond. The hole itself is a par 6 and it measures 841 yards.

When the owner of the golf course first started planning his project, he told his architect that it had to be the longest hole in the United States. This was no easy feat as the previous record was held by a 948-yard hole at Koolan Island Golf Club in Western Australia. Luckily, the architect had some ideas that would make this hole a true beast. It includes a sloped hill, a lake, and a dogleg right that makes it difficult to reach the green.

The Waterfall Hole

Located on a 2,000-acre cattle farm in Northern Virginia, Meadows Farms is one of the most unique golf courses in America. Its owner Bill Meadows built this course tailored to his liking. He wanted a course that was fun, affordable, and challenging.

The result is an unforgettable round of golf. Featuring three nines, each of them has its character with its own story to tell. They feature elevated tees; bounce bunkers; rock and railroad tie walls in and around the greens; a waterfall Par 3; and island greens.

The Waterfall Hole is one of the most visually interesting holes on the course. It is the fourth hole on the Waterfall Nine and features a 174-yard shot over a waterfall that falls down the side of an old-looking building. It is a fun and challenging hole that is a favorite among many players. It is a good warm-up hole to get your golf game ready for the harder holes on the course. Discover more exciting places here.

The Baseball Hole

Meadows Farms Golf Course opened 10 years ago to cater to golfers who didn’t want the snobbery and high prices of many clubs. It’s blue-collar golf with a smile. Cattle graze mere feet from two of the holes. The eighth green is landscaped into the shape of a baseball stadium, and No. 12, the nation’s longest hole, has earned a spot on everything from golf balls to souvenir windbreakers.

It’s the latest gimmick at this company, which owns one of the largest independently owned golf courses and nursery chains in the country. It also has a growing cattle company, a landscape facility with 39 designers, and a maintenance crew that sends out 70 people a day.

Meadows Farms is located 60 minutes from Washington, D.C., and Richmond, 45 minutes from Charlottesville, and 15 minutes from Fredericksburg. Its 268-acre Bill Ward Jr.-designed golf course was built in 1993 on pristine Santa Gertrudis cattle farmland and features elevated tees; a waterfall Par 3; rock and railroad tie walls in and around greens; bunkers waiting to catch errant shots; and seven water crossings.

The Island Green Hole

The Island Green/Longest Hole golf course at Meadows Farms is located on 268 acres in Locust Grove, Virginia. The course was designed by Bill Ward Jr. who brought new ideas to Virginia golf, incorporating elements from major courses in Florida and California. The result is a beautiful course with memorable holes.

The course has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from golfers. Many mention that the layout is fun and what golf is supposed to be, while others laud the fairways and greens for their excellent condition. The staff has also been praised for their friendliness and attentiveness. Jim and Brad have been specifically mentioned as cordial individuals who go out of their way to make sure a good time is had by all.

One of the most interesting holes is the 172-yard par-3 on the Waterfall nine that’s built like a baseball field, complete with a fence advertising and a warning track bunker. Another is the Longest Hole, a par-3 over a creek with an island green. Click here for more interesting articles.



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