Cleaning your home regularly keeps dirt at bay and helps prevent expensive damage caused by mold, mildew, rust, or soot. A professional softwashing service can help restore your home’s beauty and value.

Start with wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. This allows the cleaning solutions to soak in and makes them easier to clean. See our home page.


Ladders are one of the most useful tools a homeowner can have. They help reach high areas for cleaning, maintenance, and painting or repairs. There are different types of ladders, each with a load-rating capacity to determine how much weight it can support. Some are designed to self-support and have a wide stance while others transform into a set of stairs or a trestle for stability. They also offer a handy tool shelf for keeping equipment within easy reach.

Other types of ladders have two or three moveable sections that adjust like a telescoping ladder to provide several working heights. These are good for cleaning the corners of your home and gutters as well as other hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling fans, chandeliers, and cabinet tops. When using a ladder, remember to maintain three points of contact with it and never overextend. Falls are a common cause of injuries while cleaning. It is safer to leave the cleaning of high areas and those hard-to-reach spots to professionals with experience in House Washing.

Covering Plants

Using blankets, sheets, row cover material, or tarps to shield plants during a house wash can be effective in keeping them safe from bleaches and detergents. It’s important to cover as much of the ground as possible, especially if shrubs are involved. Wetting the fabric before applying will keep it from weighing down on the plant and damaging it.

However, covering plants for too long can cut off their oxygen supply and cook them, causing damage. It’s also important to remove tarps as soon as the section you are washing is complete.

Another option is to use a plastic sheet and drape it over the area you are cleaning. This can help protect plants but still allows you to spray the home. It’s a good idea to put the plastic over the plants before you start working on your home and remove it as soon as you are done. This will help prevent the buildup of heat under the tarp that can cook your plants and cause rotting or other damage.


The best way to remove stains and clean brick, Hardie siding, or Stucco is with a professional house washing service that uses the right equipment and cleaning methods. If you do not prepare your home properly for a pressure or power wash, you risk costly damage such as “pencil striping,” flash oxidation, chalky residue, and damaged doors and windows.

Firstly, make sure all exterior electrical outlets are either unplugged or covered with plastic. This will prevent a potential fire hazard or dangerous surge or jolt of electricity should the water come into contact with an exposed outlet.

Similarly, it is important to cover any plants and flowers that may be affected by the spray from a pressure washer. The concentration of a typical bio-friendly house wash cleaning solution is harmless to most Texas vegetation and flowers but it is best to cover any that are particularly sensitive. This also helps protect these delicate plants from any overspray that might occur during the washing process.


Cleaning is a vital step that cannot be skipped. This removes visible dirt dust and fingerprints so that more intensive methods can be used to eliminate microscopic germs. In fact, washing without this step can lead to expensive damage such as pencil striping on Hardie siding, flash oxidation, and discolored door or window seals.

When cleaning, start at the bottom of the surface and work upwards. Spray a 10-foot area at a time, and only use as much pressure as your equipment can safely project. If you’re washing more delicate surfaces, such as stucco, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on dwell times to avoid damage.

House Washing is a great way to clean and refresh your home’s exterior. However, soliciting the help of a professional can streamline the process and ensure that your property is not harmed. Contact your local Shine to schedule your free house-washing quote today! The exterior of your home is the first thing people notice, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a good impression. Refer to This Web Page.